mandag 28. april 2008

For a friend..

Sometimes reality can give you a major wake up call. Show you that your a part of it all. Today I got a message of the death of a old classmate of mine. He just died. And its such a hard fucking fact to realize.. Cuz, its only a week, not even that since the last time I talked to him. I realize know that time,people,everything can be turned upside-down in just seconds. I knew it before, but now, man. Now I really feel how true it can be. Erlend, was such a great,giving and kind person. Always had a smile on his face, nice to us all. I keep on thinking back to the time we went on a school-trip to Berlin, me and my other friend would play the guitar, and Erlend, well he jammed along on a harmonica, and it rocked! We all laughed and smiled, like buddy's do. That's a moment I'll never forget. Damn, why did you have to go away like that? You had your entire life before you.. We miss you down here, we all do. We'll never forget you Erlend! Never. Rest in peace my friend, until we meet again on the golden clouds of heaven.

We do what we do to avoid these things. To make people feel less alone, to give them some kind of hope. Show them that life is worth living, that its more to it.

- Drix

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