tirsdag 29. april 2008

we now got; dA


We just got ourself a account on deviantArt.
I suggest that you check it out, give is some comments and so on!

Take care, people

mandag 28. april 2008

Rest in peace, Erlend

- Le fiasko

For a friend..

Sometimes reality can give you a major wake up call. Show you that your a part of it all. Today I got a message of the death of a old classmate of mine. He just died. And its such a hard fucking fact to realize.. Cuz, its only a week, not even that since the last time I talked to him. I realize know that time,people,everything can be turned upside-down in just seconds. I knew it before, but now, man. Now I really feel how true it can be. Erlend, was such a great,giving and kind person. Always had a smile on his face, nice to us all. I keep on thinking back to the time we went on a school-trip to Berlin, me and my other friend would play the guitar, and Erlend, well he jammed along on a harmonica, and it rocked! We all laughed and smiled, like buddy's do. That's a moment I'll never forget. Damn, why did you have to go away like that? You had your entire life before you.. We miss you down here, we all do. We'll never forget you Erlend! Never. Rest in peace my friend, until we meet again on the golden clouds of heaven.

We do what we do to avoid these things. To make people feel less alone, to give them some kind of hope. Show them that life is worth living, that its more to it.

- Drix

8. Soul.Elite


7. Soul.Elite

søndag 27. april 2008

6. Soul.Elite

revs style / kaalt
this is our italian subscription
lei capisce
piacere di conoscerla
buon fine settimana



We just got ourself a frekin fangroup!

THANKS Espen! :)

5. Soul.Elite


onsdag 23. april 2008



Hope for you

Also, you don't need to be a master painter or anything to join, everything from magic markers to spray cans can be used. As long as the words are SOUL or SOUL.ELITE. Its the message that's important to spread. The message of hope.

keep on rocking soul.elite !

- Drix


For the ones who wants to join and spread the word, there are as much as two options.

Either you use the whole thing SOUL.ELITE, or you can simply use SOUL.
And if you do, please send pictures of your piece, the more pictures we get the better!

Keep on rocking soul.elite!

- Drix

2. Soul.Elite



We can all reach our goals!
We may have to overcome things in the way
But, everyone who is willing to fight will survive!

1. Soul.Elite




The story behind Le Fiasko & Drix

Where to begin? Le Fiasko and I have been friends for six years now. I would say that we have gotten a closer relationship in these years then others use decades to establish. We both have the same relationship to the world we live in. Its a view that is complicated to explain with words, but lets just say that we both feel like we're in a state of our life when its the hardest. Sometimes everything can be so fucking hard. Thats when we know we must not loose hope. And thats when we seek advice from our closest. I would say that SOUL.ELITE has some roots in that. We must not loose our hopes and spirit. We must take effort and protect our SOUL from the evils in this world. SOUL is a form to express hope I guess, and we wish to spread the word out through the world in our way. We wish that when people see our work on a wall, the ground, where ever they see it, they will think ''I must stay strong, cuz then I'll get through this''. And, everybody can be a SOUL.ELITE member, if they have felt in periods of their life's they just wanted to give a fuck. If all feels like shit, you already have a bound with us. All you need now to complete it is to fight your everyday struggle, and realise that you are not alone. You are never alone, you are a part of something, a part of a group with the same vision, a part of SOUL.ELITE.

- Drix


--> Soul.Elite

..and if you do send us a picture.

- Le Fiasko

First post.

Well, hello there.

This is a blog for all out there who are stuck in a world they dosent really want to be stuck in.
..for freethinkers, skaters, punks, bimbos (if you'd like!) - yeah everyone.

There will, hopefully, be more activity on the blog when it becomes warmer.

Cans, here we come!

And, ey if you got some good links on creativefolks, please send it to

Skate and create.

- Le Fiasko